Welcome to Mashriq Marquee. The Most beautiful Marquee in Twin Cities

Elegance & Timeless Grace

At Mashriq, we embrace the essence of our rich cultural heritage and blend it with a touch of elegance to offer an unforgettable event experience.

Our commitment is to provide you with more than just an event; we offer a journey into the heart of our traditions, elevated by an unmatched sense of grace. 

Your Traditions.
Passion Expertise Devotion

Mashriq Marquee is built on
these Core Values


We uphold the highest standards of transparency and integrity in our services. Our customers feel proud of Mashriq.


We strive to evoke an emotional connection with our customers, creating experiences that are truly memorable.


We foster an environment of mutual respect and honor every relationship that contributes to our success.


Our hospitality is built on a tradition of making our guests feel cherished, ensuring their event is a cherishable memory.

About Mashriq Marquee

Mashriq Marquee is more than just an event venue – it’s a place where dreams come to life.

Born out of a deep love for our rich culture and the desire to blend it with contemporary elegance, we embarked on a journey to redefine the marquee industry in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Overtime, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a beacon of integrity, customer affiliation, respect, and exceptional hospitality.

Our commitment to these core values has guided us to create an environment that’s not just elegant and inviting, but also exudes grandeur and sophistication. 

Mashriq At a Glance

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Mashriq Marquee Images

Here’s a showcase of our beautiful and contemporary marquee. 

World Class Amenities Offered
at Mashriq Marquee

Our exceptional amenities set us apart as the premier wedding and event venue in the twin cities. We take
pride in creating moments that last a lifetime. Here’s a glimpse of what we offer. 


Exquisite Decor Services

Our team of expert decorators is committed to transforming your dreams into a reality. With our creative expertise we craft our marquee into a visually stunning and enchanting space.


Dedicated Event Planners

From conceptualization to execution, our experienced event planners ensure that your event has all the necessary arrangements and safety, making your special day unique and truly memorable.


Spacious Parking

Our well-maintained parking facilities provide ample room for all your guests and their vehicles, giving them peace of mind and a stress-free start to their time at Mashriq Marquee.


Catering Excellence

Elevate your event with our world-class catering services. Our talented culinary team crafts delectable dishes that not only tantalize the taste buds but also add to the overall ambiance of your event. 


Modern Equipment

To ensure your event is a seamless and professional affair, we offer cutting-edge audio-visual equipment. Our top-notch technology enhances presentations, performances and much more.


Elegant Bridal Suites

Our bridal suites and dressing rooms are elegant spaces designed to create beautiful pre-event moments, while providing a serene environment for last-minute preparations.


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Our mission and commitment at Mashriq Marquee is to provide more than just a venue for events. We focus on quality over quantity, investing our passion and expertise into every event we host.

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